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Hellenic Society

Hellenic Society

Microsurgery is called the operative technique, using the standard surgical microscopes, Micro and Mikroramaton (3m) allows successful surgery on tissue compact. The first part of the word comes from the Greek word “small” and has prevailed internationally as Micro-surgery.

It is a specialized form of surgery, which requires extremely delicate movements. Patience, persistence and awareness of the application of methods and techniques that differ greatly from analogue of conventional surgery are the main tools to be armed by microsurgery. The microsurgical techniques used in reconstructive plastic surgery have become routine procedures remain refined and precise and require adequate training and expertise.

The progress in the technique which ensures very high patency rates in pots with a diameter of even less than 1 mm, have allowed the transfer of tissue from one part of the body to another and the reattachment members. Microsurgery specialty but not technical. Although microsurgery is commonly used in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, the microsurgical techniques currently used by various specialties such as orthopedics, Otolaryngology, maxillofacial surgery, urology.

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